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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 12, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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included every step they make towards capitalism, their lives improve. this latest re has be driven by twitter, facebook and western technology. check out mes the fund that invests in these gulf states. >> great picks everybody that is it. thank you for joining us. have a great weekend! >> uma: this is a fox news alert. revolutionary change in egypt. jubilation in the streets of cairo. protesters celebrate their triumph. they brought done a dictator. will demonstrators get the -- get the pro-democracy reform they want. hello i'm uma pemmaraju. >> i'm kelly wright. what happens to mubarak? nervous leaders across the mideast watch to see if egypt's uprisings spread.
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leland vittert is in cairo. where a coalition of opposition groups says it will end protests in tahrir square. >> reporter: you may be able to see behind me we have some of the fireworks going off in tahrir square. a lot of people who are very, very excited still 25 hours after president mubarak left office. it is a very different feeling in this city. these protesters said they wouldn't leave, endured horrible violence as they did only three weeks ago many would have considered the impossible. in the square the morning after there's an immense sense of pride about what these people have been able to accomplish, as a country and individually. of course, a lot of folks have been here in this camp for 18 days. you can see here the picture of the man they wanted out. they say it is now mission
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accomplished. time to move on. to that end there are huge cleaning parties organized to get the square back ready and try to get egypt back on its feet, this time headed in the right direction. >> this has to be cleaned. we have to remove the trash. this is our job. we didn't just come to throw things, this wasn't our point. our point was to show that we want demands and we will wait because we trust in what we were promised. >> reporter: are you surprised the army sided with the people not mubarak? >> not surprised. because the army is our friend. our brothers our fathers. we are the same. the army is the people. >> reporter: where do we go if here? the army has promised free and fair elections. kell delay could take time here in a -- kelly, that could take time here in a country that has never had a free or fair election.
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>> leland vet , thank you for that report. >> uma: after watching protests brought down leaders, many wondering who is next? rule areas cross the mideast are -- [ unintelligible ] the cia has put together a task force to look at where uprisings might spread to next. this week in saudi arabia a group of opposition activists made a rare challenge to that country's ruling dynasty. in recent weeks, protests have flared in yemen, sudan, jordan and algeria. algeria's government has banned department stations in its capital for almost 20 years. the government's warning aren't stopping demonstrators there. protesters were pouring for a pro-democracy rally met with thousands of riot police who tried to seal off the capital and keep demonstrators from
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gathering. protesters chanting no to the police state and calling for the head to leave. more than 400 people are now under arrest. >> president barack obama praising the new era dawning in he -- in egypt. now washington must strike a delicate balance teen the prom of a new democracy and the peril that could come if egypt falls into instability. peter doocy has been following this and joins us with more details. this is a critical balance the united states has to strike? >> reporter: it is now that hosni mubarak has stepped aside some politicians in washington are stepping up to explain what they think is going to happen next. president obama said what went down yesterday wasn't just the end of a regime rather the of a new egypt. >> the president: president mubarak responded to the egyptian people's hunger for
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change this is not the end of egypt's transition. it is a beginning. i'm sure there will be difficult days ahead. >> reporter: republican ron paul was more concerned. saying he thinks anything bad that happens in egypt is partly our fault. more specifically, he said, this is a quote, we bought that army and we subsidized and propped up mubarak for all this time. some of this mess, we have moral responsibility for it. former. is ambassador john bolton said his read is that with mubarak out the military is in. and they are going to stay in. >> they've said they want to see a transformation to democracy. make no mistake the military thinks it is the central source of order and stability in the country. i do not believe that they will just withdraw from the scene. >> reporter: bolton said that the demonstrators in egypt are clearly hungry for change. as a group they don't have any leaders. that makes it harder to tell
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how everything is going to play out in the coming weeks and months ahead. >> thank you for that report. joining us now with more on what this means for the u.s., former national security adviser steven hadley. we've seen jubilant crowds in egypt, chanting egypt is free, now that president h m has stepped down, exactly what is egypt free to do? >> what the people in the streets have been saying they want to do is build a free and democratic egypt. we can only admire their current and what they've ed. as they are beginning to say, the work has only just begun. what i think has been encouraging they've talked about a transition period and need for time to revise the constitution. to allow more people to run for the office of presidency. to allow for political parties to be affiliated. what needs to happen is time, so that nonislamists parts
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suppressed for two decades by mubarak can organize and offer the people of egypt a real choice when elections come. >> you mentioned suppressed by mubarak. how bad was mubarak's regime? a lot of people have thrown stones at him, attacking him for 30 years of repression, how bad was it? >> this was an authoritarian regime. mubarak was a leader of great courage. he did a lot of things right. willingness to make peace with israel, cold peace, but a peace nonetheless. he was a good friend for the united states. i think as many leaders do, he lost touch with his people. and he created a situation where the only alternatives were the government party and the islam lick -- underground is -- islamic brotherhood. you have to support me because the alternative was the islammists. what egypt needs to do is
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remedy that period of time and give its people a range of alternatives. if we do they will not opt for islam. >> having to look forward now, can a true democracy take place in egypt? >> it will depend. it will depend a lot on the egyptian people watch was most encouraging about the crowds was they were not saying, down with israel. they were not channing, we want sharia law. they were chanting we want freedom and democracy. what we need to do, as the president has offered to help them build the institutions of a democratic state during this transition period. the second thing we need do is help them economically. because, freedom, egyptian people need to see that freedom will also bring them a better economic life. we have a role to play in both
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of those things. helping them bill the institutions of democracy and getting -- them build the institutions of democracy and getting that economy moving forward more quickly. >> that was why so many people took to the streets what was happening economically before the strikes, before the protests, there were a lot of young people in that country who were not working having to take care of families with no income. looking forward, what will have to happen within the egyptians themselves to stand up, rise up and build a democracy that they can be proud of? >> they will have to organize it. the army has a critical role to play. the army has played this in a very intelligent way. they've made themselves the ally of the people rather than the opposition of the people. the real challenge is whether they are willing to be a steward over this transition period to a democratic future? are the gearan for of that transition but not try to -- co-opt the revolution.
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>> that would not bode well for egypt's future. >> it would not body well. it is a possibility. -- it will not bode well. it is a bill. one of the things we need to do is use our influence with the army to make sure they see their role as transitions for democracy. and the people of egypt are going to have to insist on that. i think there's a reasonable chance that will occur. we need to use our influence to achieve that objective. >> personal question. as former national security adviser of the united states. what was your first reaction when you saw hosni mubarak step down and give the people the power that they were actually chanting for? >> look this is a great day for the egyptian people. it is a great day for the united states. we stand for freedom in the world. i've heard some people say,
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are you worried about the contagion in the middle east? freedom is not a disease we should be concerned about spreading. freedom is the core of who we are as a people, the core of the republican party. we should be celebrating this, as well as being realistic about how difficult the course is ahead and committed to helping the egyptians take this opportunity and turn night a real democratic future. >> always a pleasure, sir. thank you. we've been watching a lot of history unfold. this revolution has been televised. stephen hadley, thank you. >> nice to be here. >> what do you think about the current state of egypt? do you think egypt is on its way to becoming a true democracy? or will terrorist groups hijack the government? we want to hear from you. e-mail us at
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we'll share some of your responses within the next hour. at least 26 people killed in a suicide bombing targeting shiite pilgrims north of baghdad. the victims were gathered for a religious ceremony honoring a highly respected imam. the shrine has seen several sectarian attacks in reason days. >> former pakistani president musharraf has a warrant out for his arrest in connection with the 2007 an assassination of ex-prime minister benazir bhutto. this according to pakistani state television. he has been ordered to appear in court next week. a spokesman is saying an appropriate time. >> a lot going on. very big weekend for conservatives here in washington. there's a lot of focus on 2012 contenders for president obama.
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molly henneberg is live at cpac conference that is going on right now. what is happening there? >> reporter: this is the last day of this three day event. there are a number of speakers today, including the former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. later today, ann coulter. the thing that all eyes are going to be on is this annual straw poll today. this is the first glimpse of what republicans and conservatives think about the presidential field for republicans going into the 2012 presidential election. there are 15 names on that straw poll ballot. we have video of the ballot. many have spoken to the group over the past couple of days. there's room for a write-in. newt gingrich, mitt romney who came in second last year. haley barbour, who spoke today and said the gop's new majority in the house of representatives after the midterm elections was just
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the first step. >> because of last year's election we've extended the bush tax cuts for another two years. republicans have cut spending and take the first step toward restoring sanity to the federal budget. these are important accomplishments. as i said, they are only a> molly henneberg, live from cpac right here in washington, thank you. >> as molly mentioned last year's straw poll winner was ron paul.
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he won with 31% of that vote. i headed down to cpac yesterday to catch up with congressman paul and could not resist asking him if he was considering a presidential run? >> i think about it all the time because people ask me all the time. but i've made no decision. >> when we have a decision? >> i'll let you know when i make a decision and i don't know when. i'm undecided about when i'm going to make my decision. >> is that clear to everybody? we'll bring you the results of this 's straw poll live. before that, we ask you to watch for former u.n. ambassador john bolton set to speak about the current unrest in egypt. we'll broadcast his remarks live at 1 p.m. eastern time. >> president obama plans to roll out his fiscal year 2012 budget monday. he says his budget calls for difficult cuts to allow needed spending increases in education, technology and
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basic infrastructure like roads and bridges. >> the president: my budget freezes annual domestic spending for the next five years. even on programs i care deeply about. which will reduce the deficit by more than 400 billion dollars over the next decade. this freeze will bring this type of spending to its lowest level as a share of the economy since dwight eisenhower was president. >> republicans say the president's spending freeze doesn't take the deficit problem seriously enough. they are calling for 100 billion in spending cuts. today's gop response orrin hatch argues obama's reduction plans are too timid. >> our massive debt must be con toned immediate hreufrpl s postal for a freeze in government spending -- immediately. it is an inadvocate solution to our nation's spending
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problems. >> republicans protest cutting liberal and conservative project as like. the gop's bill will likely sail through the republican house. the democratic senate is expected to gut the legislation and send it back with fewer spending cuts. for more of the nation's economy tune in tomorrow for a fox news sunday exclusive when chris wallace talks to house budget chairman ryan and mississippi governor barbour. that will be quite a program tomorrow morning. >> bp is ready to settle more than 2,000 additional damage claims from last year's spill. the claims range from $10,000, to 30 million dollars. roughly 87,000 businesses and 400 -- 400,000 individuals have filed. bp has paid out 3.4 billion dollars so far. >> with hosni mubarak out as the president of egypt,
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celebrations continue. what is next for the country? >> with some of mubarak's assets now frozen what will become of the ousted leader and his money? we talk to general wesley clark. that and more, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] this is steven, a busy man. his day starts with his arthritis pain. that's breakfast with two pills. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills. and when he's finally home... but hang on;
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. >> uma: welcome back. while the demonstrations go on, many in egypt are hoping for a return back to normal life. communications, banking services have largely been restored. the stock market exchange won't open again until wednesday. trading was set to resume tomorrow. the market's regulator is saying more consultations with companies and brokers are
12:22 pm
needed. the exchange has been closed since january 28th. how are other countries reacting to the shake-up that led to the dramatic revolution in egypt? judith miller has been traveling throughout the middle east and is joining us. great to have you here, thanks for joining us. >> nice to be with you. >> uma: as you travel, feel people feel this is a watershed moment and neighbors are looking at what is happening in egypt and could be empowered to believe political freedoms could be part of their futures too? >> there's a lot of, if you are sitting in those governments, concern about the impact of the revolution 2.0 as wael ghoneim told us with the events of cairo. among ordinary people there's a great deal of enthusiasm and
12:23 pm
interest in the events of egypt. i spent today wandering around the west bank with a group of israelis who wanted to talk to palestinians about how they felt. and what was amazing was how closely everybody had followed the events of cairo. they were absolutely wrapped up in them. they were delighted with the departure of president mubarak. several said our people are next. our regime, the palestinian authority is next. we've had demonstrations in amman, jordan. algerians had to put out 30,000 soldiers and police on the streets to maintain order. in almost every country there are demonstrations, protests, calls for greater freedom and the kinds of demands that we
12:24 pm
saw from the people in tahrir square in egypt. >> uma: the world, as we've been moving forward, these demonstrations have had people taking a look at how these leaders are going to move forward, as you pointed out. they are scrambling to figure out how to ease tensions. for example, in bahrain the king was handing out each family $2700 each, just to sort of calm people down a bit and offer a carrot and stick type of approach to get people to back off a little. what do you think of this? >> i think that's the way these traditional rulers are used to handling problems. people who live on the margins, they think will be satisfied with a hand-out. but, sometimes that's not the way it works. here in the west bank a major palestinian negotiator had
12:25 pm
erakat had to resign because wikileaks reported he had been willing to give up major slices of territory in negotiations with israel. that has nothing to do with the price of bread or a hand-out from that government. that is a reaction of the palestinian authority to make sure people don't have anyone to complain about and yell about in this new environment. i think you've really put your finger on it. the regimes here are kind of terrified. the people are both curious and excited by the possibilities of egypt. i think it is going to be absolutely very shakey, very rocky, for a while, until we see how things play out here. >> uma: judith, we appreciate your perspective, thank you. i understand you are on to cairo tomorrow. we look forward to hearing
12:26 pm
from you and giving us a firsthand account watch is taking place. >> i'll be thinking of all of you, thank you. >> uma: thank you judith. >> kelly: the world was watching as demonstrators celebrate the resignation of hosni mubarak. coming up, we talk to a man in egypt who was in the middle of the moment, in the moment some have compared to the fall of the berlin wall. ♪ i'm not just someone who's quitting with chantix and support... ou kids go to school together. -we work together. -i'm in your cookinglass. we playall together. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge tomoke. and you can even smoke during the first week. quitting on my own never seemed to be enough. this time it was different. this time i was ready. ready to take control. ready to talk to my doctor. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior,
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kell a fox news alert. a day after protesters in egypt toppled a regime thousands of algerians defied a government ban to march on the capital. heavily armed police tried to seal off algiers, blocking streets and pushing back against the crowd. human rights activist says more than 400 people have been arrested. reports are surfacing egypt's information minister is under house arrest. peter doocy is standing by with more on that and the other headlines. >> reporter: as protests going on in egypt. al-arabiya is citing army sources saying the information minister is under house arrest. he and other ministers are banned from traveling abroad without permission. an illegal salvadoran
12:31 pm
immigrant ordered deported a decade ago but never left has been charged with three counts of first degree murder and shootings and knife attack in washington. he could face capital mur charges which could carry the -- murder charges which could carry the death penalty. >> the conservative political action conference is in full swing here in washington. in a few hours cpac going to release results of its straw poll showing which attendees -- [ inaudible ] the 2012 nascar racing season kicks off with the 33rd running of the budwieser shootout in daytona, florida. those are the top stories. kelly, back to you. >> kelly: thank you. >> uma: it took just 18 days to end h m's 30 year rei n.
12:32 pm
-- hosni mubarak's 30 year rein. you have seen joy and excitement about a renewed sense of hope and possibility. joining us is a research fellow with the new america foundation. he was in the square when news broke that mubarak was stepping done. great to have you. -- stepping down. great to have you. take us to the moment when you realized the up raise -- uprising had forced the ouster of president mubarak? >> they were elated when they heard the news that president hosni mubarak resigned. they didn't expect it after a day of frustration when there was a rumor thursday he would resign. when he did resign people started jumping for joy, honking, as if they had won the world's cup. >> uma: there were mixed
12:33 pm
messages, confusing signals being sent whether or not mubarak would stay or go. was it your concern that the crowds would become violent if mubarak had not stepped down when he did? >> not at all. i was a peaceful protest from the beginning, from january 25th. the people who organized this called for only peaceful protests. there was concern that yesterday they would march on the presidential palace, on parliament on the council of ministers building. but that never materialized. >> egyptians are proud people who exude a quiet dignity. what has it done to transform the people who have suffered so long under mubarak's rule? >> people here are very happy that the 30 year military rule is over. they are looking forward to a democratic transition, a quick transition of democracy. they want constitutional amendments to mack it easier for opposition parties to par
12:34 pm
-- to participate in the political process. of course, they want parliament to be dissolved. these are the four, five demands they are still making as we speak today. >> uma: the journey still has a ways to go. i know all of you are savoring this big moment. we wish you all the best. thank you for joining us. embattled egyptian president hosni mubarak is out. many questions remain. jing me is general wesley clark. welcome, nice to you have -- to have you here today. >> thank you. >> uma: should israel plan for the worst and hope for the best? >> i think israel has listened to the pronouncements of the military. they say the treaty remains in place. i think that is reassuring. i think israel always plans for the worst and always has
12:35 pm
to be concerned that's why it is important to continue to -- to try to make momentum toward a peace agreement in the region. >> uma: how confident are you in the military being able to shoulder the responsibility to take egypt to this next phase of the transition? >> i think the military has certainly got a structure. its morale has been relatively strong. it hasn't disinter ed at the bottom as we've seen in the days -- disintegrated in at the bottom as we've seen in iran 30 years ago. there will be confusion, conflicting claims, there may be investigations, maybe legal charges. there will be much about the future and what the future means for the military. and there will be probably efforts to proselytize among the junior officers in the armed forces, more educated junior officers who may be more aligned in age and
12:36 pm
sympathy with the protesters than perhaps some of the senior officers. through all of that, the military has to hang together. the senior leadership has to provide the stability that is required. they've got to also have a sense of participation in the process of restructuring the government in egypt. >> uma: a lot of concerns are about this is a vulnerable moment for egypt in is an opportunity for extremist groups to try to hijack the process. people are looking at groups like the muslim brotherhood and others. do you think to the extreme sharia law could take root in egypt? >> i think that is an extreme instance of what could happen. remember, this is a dre that has been battered by extremist flames for a century and a half. from the time the mahdi took over south of egypt in the 80s in khartoum. the pull of islam has all been
12:37 pm
a powerful force in egypt but always balanced by other force in egypt. there's a large educated group ing-3 egypt. they've had decades of british influence this egypt. the foreign policy has been leslie aligned with the united states. they've had -- has been closely aligned with the united states. they've had a lot of tourism. it is not an is lated back water country. there is concern, i(kmrlx÷oxzç÷- sharia law would be an extreme. the best case is something akin to turkey. where there's an islamic influence and there's certainly respect for people's religious views. maybe there's some greater tolerance for showing that in public. what we hope to see is essentially a secular/isñkofkó[ó democratic state. >> uma: what is your biggest concern at this moment as egypt moves forward into this new period of its history? >> biggest concern is, will the united states and other democracies provide the behind
12:38 pm
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with unforgettable flowers from ftd. flowers say it better. ftd says it best. visit >> kelly: our top story. egypt's president is out and the country's military is in. the main coalition of youth and opposition group says it will end protest in cairo's central square. the groups say they will call for weekly demonstrations to
12:43 pm
keep the pressure on the ruling military to implement democratic reforms. the military is promising to honor all international treaties and to hand over power after elections. >> lawyers for wikileaks' founder julian assange are trying new tactic to stop extradition to sweden. friday lawyers claimed remarks made by by the swedish have poisoned a fair hearing in that country. assange is out on bail in england. >> elizabeth taylor hospitalized after experiencing symptoms of congestive heart failure. she has been diagnosed with the condition for some time. theyth was not an emergency visit. she was scheduled to attend a -- benefit wednesday in which she would receive an award. elton john accepted on her behalf. those are your top stories right now.
12:44 pm
>> uma: chandra levy's killer is headed to prison, 60 years behind bars. he was convicted of killing the washington intern whose relationship with former california congressman gary condit sparked a national media frenzy. >> more trouble for some banks in the u.s.. regulators shutdown several small banks in california, wisconsin, michigan and florida. bringing the current number of failures this year to 18. in 2010, a total of 157 banks failed nationwide. an increase from the 140 closed in 2009. the fdic believes 2010 will be the peak for failures and bad loans will level out over time. >> a florida high school getting rid of textbooks offering electronic readers to students.
12:45 pm
what can you tl us -- what can you tell us? >> reporter: i remember high school, you can to carry a been. of these. i remember the fat textbooks. would you still like to carry these or would you prefer to carry one of these? this is the electronic kindle. one of the fancy gadgets they've been around for a couple of years. there's only one school here in florida clearwater high who said about a year ago, we are going to make the big switch from textbooks to the kin . and it did. -- to the kindle, and it did. these students at clearwater high in florida are digital pioneers. >> that's the way technology is. it is going to evolve and get better. >> reporter: this school is the first in america to offer every student a kindle. the popular 10 ounce
12:46 pm
electronic tablet only half an inch thick loaded digitally with many courses. that means these teens can kiss their heavy textbooks good-bye. >> you have it in a little device. if you want to carry the textbooks we can all six in one thing so it is helpful. >> reporter: the public school bought 2,200, within for every student plus a few spares. the principal has gotten all kinds of calls and e-mails from schools around the country who want to know the good, bad and ugly about the kindle. clear water wanted to buy laptops but the kindles at 1 $80 each made more sense. >> you can do the readings on it. -- right away we realized this was the direction to go. >> reporter: great story. the school says it made about $400,000 for 2,200 kindles.
12:47 pm
it hopes next school year they will have most of the course work downloaded digitally on those kindles. those kids will have the choice of wanting to carry textbooks or kindles. as it stands now 100 out of those 2,200 said i don't necessarily want one of these. they are saying they still want one of these good old fashioned books. it is a choice. it is technology. i have sort of one of these at home. i'm trying to figure out how to use it >> uma: it is still a mystery to me. it is terrific they are moving ahead with technology. great story, thank you. >> former reality star now a of congress. how one marriage and six kids has changed his perspective. my interview with congressman sean duffy and his wife, after the break.
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12:51 pm
>> uma: welcome back. has cpac less conservative? some groups are saying that the conference has lost sight of family values. i was at the cpac conference yesterday and spoke with freshman congressman sean duffy and his wife for their reaction. >> this is my first cpac so i've never experienced it live. i'm amazed at the energy and enthusiasm. candidates are coming and sharing thoughts and opinions, gearing up and jockeying for the 2012 presidential election. >> uma: i know you are blessed with a large family, family values are important to the
12:52 pm
two of you. it seems the family values platform has not been front and center this conference. few candidates are talking about specifics in terms of a family value platform. does that concern you? >> i think those values are still there. those are a real part of conservative movement. when people are losing jobs and can't pay their mortgage and concerned with the 14 frill beyond dollar debt those are the issues at the forefront of people's minds. that's why people are talking about the economy, debt and jobs what is happening in egypt there's a great concern for what is going to happen in future generations. it is not that they've gone away it is what are people concerned about today? that's what the candidates, i think are addressing. >> uma: are you concerned candidates are putting distance between themselves and a family values platform? >> no, i think addressing the debt and unemployment is a family values issue.
12:53 pm
when there's an unemployed parent or both parents, families fall apart. the most important thing our politicians can do at this moment is to address those fears. family values, pro-life, traditional marriage those things are not falling away from the conservative movement or republican flat form. >> uma: do you think those issues may polarize member of the republican party this go around? >> no. the country is more pro-life all the statistics are proving that. i think it is a winning issue for conservatives to run on their traditional values platform. it is only going to help they are being relevant about the economy and about national security and foreign policy right now. >> uma: what about the tea party influence in this conference? do you feel like the tea party is doing a lot to raise the spotlight on conservative movement? >> [ inaudible ] there's a lot of ron paul
12:54 pm
supporters here. what i'm seeing it is a melting pot of different factions and it is great to have them all here. the tea party is represented so are our -- [ inaudible ] it is a great movement of conservatives all coming together to hear candidates speak. >> uma: if you thought you recognized congressman duffy, there's good reason. duffy was a cast member on the h tv hit reality show the real world boston in 1997. his wife appeared on the real world san francisco in 1994. the two met on an all-star show in 1998. we wish them all the best. >> kelly: that's nice. love among the stars. revolution in egypt has serious implications for u.s. foreign policy. john bolton is due to give a speech assessing the situation. we will have it live. stay with us. ready sensei.
12:55 pm
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so freestyle lite test strips make testing... easy? easy. great. call or click-- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. free is good. freestyle lite test strips. call or click today. >> we're back with the fox news alert. ap the post mubarak political planning begins and opposition groups say they will keep up the pressure as the military plans to hand over power. i'm uma. >> kelly: i'm kelly wright live in washington. across the middle east today, other leaders are keeping an eye on situations in egypt. hoping the revolution does not spread to their countries in
12:59 pm
washington, former u.n. ambassador john boulton is expected to speak shortly and give his assessment of the developing situation taking place in egypt. and gathering to big name conservatives across the country and when it happens we will bring it to you live and mr. bolten's remarks, we're turning now to molly henneberg, standing by with more details. >> reporter: yes, former ambassador bolten and also ann coulter will be dreaddressing te crowd and gathering for conservatives here in washington and this morning, mississippi governor haley barber addressed the crowd and wanted to keep them focused on the big goal. here is more. >> the same thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. (laughter) >> and the main thing is
1:00 pm
electing a republican president next year. to that end, people here have been voting in the straw poll and it's a snapshot what they think a potential 2012 g.o.p. candidates and some of the 15 names on the ballot, include mitt romney, former massachusetts governor. sarah palin, former vice-president candidate 2008, mike huckabee, and tim pawlenty, haley barber, you heard from. michelle bachman congressman from minnesota and ron paul, from texas. ron paul won last year and his supporters and organizers have a lot of supporters here in this event to vote in at that poll. and get ron paul's name out and see if he once the the straw paul, to the consternation of the people
1:01 pm
here. >> kelly: it looks like it's well attended here and we'll be waiting for ambassador john bolton as well. >> we mentioned that john bolton, is set to speak at any moment and weigh in on what's ahead for egypt. when that happens we'll bring it to you live. and algiers, algia, organizers of anti-government demonstration in the algerian capital say that several thousand people have gathered in the city center, under the longstanding state of emergency. protesters are banned at the capital and algiers and hundreds of riot police were on hand on saturday and they blocked the street and charged the crowd in a bid to prevent protesters from reaching the city center. demonstrators chanting no to the police state. and a reference to the country's president. he has been in power since
1:02 pm
1999. saturday's protest a day after the massive protest in egypt topples the president and weeks after demonstrations in neighboring tunisia also succeeded in ousting the president. we now go to leland vittert who has the latest on what's happening in egypt. leland? >> good evening, university of michigan, from cairo, across the the banks of the nile. you can hear the street party and the celebrations going on by the protesters who sacrificed so much for so long and finally did what many thought was the impossible. put hosni mubarak out of office after more than 30 years. in tahrir square, the protesters organizationed themselves into volunteer cleanup crews to get the square cleaned up and ready for business and part of this they say is to get egypt to move forward and to that affect the military played a huge role in the protests issued a new decree today and
1:03 pm
the general here saying that they were going to honor all of their international peace treaties and also they hoped that the protesters and the rest of the public would begin to respect the police once again, the police here were a feared member of the society and gathered so much steam and people were so upset and the talent in the square, feeling the jubilation and feelings of looking ahead. >> so i have to remove one thing and we have to remove. this is our job and come here to protest to throw things and, this wasn't our point. our point was to show that we want to continue to remain-- we will wait because address what we were promised. >> now that he's gone, what do you think? what will happen? >> well, good. i want good future. mr. baradei good person.
1:04 pm
>> and you heard the man mention off some names of various politicians that he's thinking of voting for in the coming elections and understand that egypt has never had free or fair elections so it will be an interesting process as they try to transition and figure out how to do that and the international community of course is very interested in. it's important to remember, kelly, thoos people sacrificed a whole lot and they've offered a whole lot of their own blood, their own time, their own sacrifices in order to have the freedom and now comes the big question of what we're going to do with it, uma, as we go forward it seems there's a number of people committed they will not have spilled all of that blood, all of those tears, all of that sweat in vein. >> and vreeland, thank you so much for the update. after days of protesting, egyptian people are looking to guide the country until the next election, many wonder
1:05 pm
what comes next. >> joining us to discuss this is a professor at johns hopkins university and senior fellow at the hoover institution and great to have you here today. >> thank you for having me, thank you very much. >> i know that you've given a piece in the wall street journal today calling this story, one that egypt heroes with no name. and i find that very interesting, because you also point out that mohammed atta and sarah hery are among those bred in the tyranny of hosni mubarak. >> i'm excited about this, one of the greatest stories in the history of the modern-- the story-- jihadists, death, violence, terrorist, homicide bombers and it always ends in bloodshed and futility. all of a sudden now, the people of egypt rose in rebellion against the pharaoh and they've taken it to the
1:06 pm
messages have come forth from these people, that they wish to have a good and decent life and this is a spectacle and says something about the belief and all people have this love of liberty in their dna and anyone in a conservative world, by the way, talking about this and from washington. anyone who doesn't rally through the support, stirred by them, i feel sorry for them. >> oh, i think so many people around the world have been stirred by what they've witnessed in egypt and expectations are running very high, that we should see similar protests lead to some dramatic action. in other countries, what's your fork at this point? do you think we are going to see or regimes come toppling down in the months ahead? >> well, there is a kind of an arab world and then there is of course, each country has its own reality. for example, i love this rebellion and sparked in
1:07 pm
tunisia and then this is a kind of geographic expression, libya and came to egypt. why libya, because they don't have the rudements, a gadhafi stirs libya into a big ward, into a big prison so it does come to egypt the center of the arab world and all other arab countries. jordanians are feeling it, lebanese are feeling it and showed images algeria, they're feeling it. you have young populations and you have unemployment, you have capitalism in many societies kind of economies abroad, just clan and ruling families dominate the country and people want to claim their countries and this is really good for them. we can only be-- >> it is indeed a big moment, celebri celebritiry moment, but as
1:08 pm
we've been pointing out. 70% of egypt is under surge, and many young people are hoping the change will come quickly. how long do you think they're going to be patient waiting for the transition to take place from the military to the situation where we're actually going to have elected leaders? because this is a country that has been abused for so long that so much depends on how the people respond in a very-- in a way that makes sense and in a way that's calm and rational. >> well, i think the egyptians have shown, first of all, they put up for 30 years and you should not forget the 30 preceding years which were not quite as bad, but they were under the ministry-- so this rebellion, they showed enormously and mubarak tried to provoke them into violence
1:09 pm
and now they have to usher the military out of the picture because they had to rebel, they didn't overthrow this man, but mubarak was also a general in order to get-- they want a secular democracy. this is what we have heard, what we have seen in liberation square. >> what do you think happens to mr. mubarak at this point? >> well, maybe, you know, he goes to sharm el-sheik and maybe stick around for a while, perhaps he will make it to germany and medical air to cover, possibly-- there is he' also, there's his two sons who were picked handed in the country and his wife who had a big empire, the economy and politics. so the house of mubarak has fallen and i think good riddance to him.
1:10 pm
where he ends up, i really doesn't know, it could be in germany. >> and you think other banks like what happened in switzerland will freeze further assets and make it difficult for him to take the billions of dollars with him. >> economically he has enough money to live off for a long time. >> absolutely. >> whether it's 70 million, that number seems unrealistic, but 7 billion, so does 5 billion. 40% of the egyptians live below the poverty line and when they hear that he he ruler, was just a military officer and amassed a fortune and the plunder they've lived under. >> doctor, thank you so much for joining us today. a great honor to have you here and we appreciate your insight. >> well, i have opinion a fan, thank you for having me. >> thank you, sir, kelly. >> kelly: right now looking live at john bolton, he has
1:11 pm
begun speaking at cpac, let's listen in. but i want to shift the focus and attention here away from washington. we meet today as we have met these past several days, in the midst of a real international crisis. we've seen in tunisia, egypt, jordan, yemen and today in algeria and perhaps elsewhere fundamental forces, unleashed in the middle east that will have a profound impact on the united states and all of our vital interests as they develop. now, this is a fact of life for the government of the united states. foreign policy does not play out the same way that domestic policy to date einvolved. they don't wait our schedule. indeed, as humphrey bogart
1:12 pm
said, coincidentally in casablanca in morocco, it seems at that fate has taken a hand. and the question before us is whether our national leadership can play the hand effectively for america, in light of these developments. i am worried that not only do we face a crisis today, he we don't have a leadership in the white house that can deal with it. [applaus [applause] >> we watched the events in egypt and elsewhere and we can have some degree of optimism about that. we can recognize that many of the people are legitimately calling for democracy and liberty as we understand it. but americans are realistic and pragmatic, too, and they know that it's the responsibility of our government to protect our
1:13 pm
interests and our values and our friends and our allies. when you hear wood droe wilson talk about making the world safe for democracy, never forget, theodore roosevelt's response. the republican roosevelts response was first and foremost, we must make the world safe for ourselves. [applaus [applause] >> and so as we see what's happening in egypt, we have to have a careful and prudent approach to these developments because we've seen revolutionary situations go wrong too many times before. jean kirkpatrick wrote about it eloquently in essays, double standards, the carter handling of the regime change in iran and nicaragua in the
1:14 pm
late 1970's, when we went from two author tearion regimes and two even more regimes. and said to have representing, one they should be able to receive it and two they should be willing and able to do what is necessary for its preservation, and three, that they should be willing and able to fulfill the authorities and discharge the functions which it imposes on them. we can wish the best for the peoples of egypt and all offer the middle east and all over the world, but they still, like we did, have to pass john stuart mills three tests and the evidence at this point of their ability to do so, given some of the forces ranged against them, at least we have to understand is opened
1:15 pm
questions. now, how has our president and his administration handled this crisis? well, much is in the same way as it's handled almost every other issue of national security policy in the last two years. it has been hesitant, inconsistent, confused and just plain wrong. [applaus [applause] >> if it has swung one way and then the other, the government of egypt is stable. the government of egypt has to resign now. the government of egypt can stay until september. the government of egypt must leave now i don't know what time it is in cairo, eight o'clock in the evening and we'll have to see what our government's position is at the moment. this, as if it couldn't get worse, we had our director of central intelligence announced probably mubarak would resign on thursday evening.
1:16 pm
based on what? based on his reading of newspaper accounts, doesn't that make you feel confident? and then the director of the national intelligence, his nominal supervisor explain that the egyptian brotherhood, the muslim brotherhood in egypt was largely secular, eshewd. the single most-- >> all right, you've been listening to ambassador john bolton addressing the conservative group at the cpac organization that's going on today. an a lot of speakers will be there, he's among them. drifting from the domestic policies and discussing the foreign policies as relates to what's going on in egyps, the ambassador blasting the obama administration and i am quoting it has been hesitant, inconsistent and just plain wrong, referring to the the way the white house has been dealing with the situation in
1:17 pm
egypt. those are the opinions of ambassador, former ambassador john bolton and cited that foreign policy does not wait for our schedule. the question before us right now is whether our national leadership can actually play the hand effectively to deal with the international developments as they unfold in egypt and other countries. other arab countries. in the meantime, at least 26 people have been killed in a suicide bombing, shiite pilgrims near baghdad. it happened near a shrine in iraq, gathered for a religious ceremony for a highly respected imam. they've seen terror attacks recently. and president musharaff has a warrant out for the murder of bo uchl to. the former military leader has been order today appear in court next week and spokesman
1:18 pm
said that musharaff will defend himself before the court at an appropriate time. >> well, possible 2012 presidential contender mitt romney took aim at president obama during his speech at cpac and we'll tell you about other big names testing the presidential waters at the conservative conference coming up. stay with us. >> let me make this very clear. if i were to decide to run for president, you wouldn't take-- it sure wouldn't take me two years to wake up to the job crisis threatening america and i wouldn't be asking timothy geithner how the economy works or larry summers how to start a business. i know. [ female announcer ] for over 100 years
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1:22 pm
>> ? the days ahead a former ceo operative mike baker, it's good to have you with us and thanks for joining us today. look, there is he' a lot going on in response to egypt and the intelligence community here in the united states has taken a beating, if you will, a lot of people said, look, they were caught with their eyes blinded, blind folded in all of this. what do you say about that? >> well, i'd say that it's been very popular right now on the intelligence community and okay, first we need to say right up front, what dni said was rather inane and i don't know where he was going with that, but set that aside. that's the most obvious, and look at what director panetta said, okay, fair going. 18 hours off. the point that he said that he shouldn't have was, okay, i'm getting a lot of this from what's going on in the papers and the tv. i think what he was trying to imply was nobody knows how this is unfolding.
1:23 pm
we're in the same boat because honestly, you have a situation in egypt, as it was unfolding, where mubarak, suleiman, the senior leaders of the intelligence group there and the military, nobody knew where this was going so the idea that somehow the ceo would have sources there, human sources who can tell them where this was going. they didn't have a clue, is a little odd and i think a lot of the criticism that is coming is from people who maybe have an unrealistic understanding of how intelligence works. >> let's talk about that, what is happening with intelligence right now? we understand through our forces here at fox news, that the cia has been ordered to follow up in other countries, algia, a neighbor of tunisia where all of this began. that's a large country, some 30-plus million people living this and they're going through it. we know that there are concerns in yemen, as well as
1:24 pm
as jordan. what does the cia have to do what's unfolding in the arab world. >> talking about syria, saudi arabia, whether you're talking about jordan, yemen, possibly iran. think about what the young protesters in iran are going through mentally watching what happened in egypt and you can imagine if you play that one out, how that could go, but you know, that, okay, and may be unlikely, but the agency, again, they're being told, look it, you've got to get on top of this. it's a political issue and i can tell you that even two decades ago, further than that, the ceo has been very active in watching, as an example, saudi arabia, what would happen if the royal house fell and holding fast force what is the stereo and they do that for every country. it's not as if suddenly this is some new directive, i would argue that the administration is trying to get out ahead of
1:25 pm
it. doing what they always do, throw the organization under the bus and the ceo honestly is not in the business of defending themselves, but they are watching. >> yeah, i don't want to rush you, but get to the point quickly and what we've seen there in egypt, and the crowds all chanting egypt is free, but there's trepidation as well and tell me why there's so much concern about egypt. >> well, i mean, i think now, okay, fair enough. euphoria, enjoy the moment and you wake up in the moment and you're still making $2 a day and worried where the job is going to come from, and now the military is in charge and i think it's an important point and you know, this is the military. this is the senior leadership in the military that has been in the pocket of mubarak all these years and people talking about the defense minister and what he can be playing an important goal. he has been loyal to mubarak and suddenly the military, a revered organization and now they're kind of--
1:26 pm
they're responsible. so, the relationship with the people who have massive expectations right now. that could change very quickly and the idea of the muslim brotherhood and how they feel the power vacuum that's been talked about ad nauseam and a lot of back and forth and speculation, what is the muslim brotherhood. their goal is a islamic state and they're impatient, maybe we wake up tomorrow and the muslim brotherhood is in charge. the point is they've gained ground of they don't care ten years, 20ors, a hundred years out they're going to keep their eyes on the prize. they're a dangerous organization because they're so patient and willing to ride it thing out. again, i would argue we have the process, we've had the revolution, the victory for the people and now you've got the hard work to come. >> kelly: mike baker, thank you, former cia operative and the president of the united states said the difficult days lie ahead although this is a moment that egypt should be
1:27 pm
jubilant with the fact that egyptians have moved forward to freedom. mike, thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> uma: the big story out of washington today, cpac and who conservatives would like to see go toe to toe with president obama in 2012. in a few hours, cpac will unveil the results of the straw poll. and who will launch on the republican tickets? here at the fox we conducted our own poll and julie banderas is in new york right now with who came out on top. hi, julie, what can you tell us? >> well, let me just please remind you that almost two full years we are out from the 2012 election speculation, brewing over who will be the top g.o.p. ticket. well, the list of potential presidential candidates now ranges from former massachusetts governor mitt romney to real estate developer and television personality donald trump, but it was former arkansas governor mike huckabee came out on top when asked who
1:28 pm
would make a good president. take a look. among the republican voters leads with 55%, romney close behind and rounding out the top five are former house speaker newt gingrich at 43% and former alaska governor sarah palin and former governor jeb bush. and huckabee and romney the most support 34% to 33% respectively with the others trailing behind. this early in the election cycle name recognition plays a big part. chris christy says he's not running and 29% of republicans say he would be a good president, that trumps, trump. and tim pawlenty # 1% and minnesota congresswoman michelle bachman, 6% and haley barber 16% and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum at 15%.
1:29 pm
and in hypothetical head to head matchups tore 2012, voters also preferred president obama over every republican according to this poll and romney comes closest to obama though trailing by 7 points, 48-41%. and last fall romney was one point back, 41-40%, september, 2010. obama has wider advantages over palin. 56 to 35% and gingrich 55-35% and jeb bush 54-34%, but of course, it is still early. a reminder, two years, plenty of time to see where these numbers go. back to you. >> uma: fascinating results and as she points out we've got month and months and months to go. >> kelly: two years and already talking about it. and with mubarak out as president of egypt, there's a lot going on in the muslim world. >> uma: the muslim brotherhood is chiming in with plans going forward and what that means
1:30 pm
for the country's leadership. >> president mubarak responded to the egyptian people's hunger for change. but this is not the end of egypt's transition, it's the beginning. i'm sure there will be difficult days ahead. [ male ] the network. a living, breathing intelligence that is helping business rethink how to do business. ♪ in here, inventory can be taught to learn... so products get routed to where they're needed mo. ♪ in here, machines have a voice... so they can tell headquarters when they need refilling. ♪ in here, money works smarter... so financial institutions can turn dreams into realities.
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>> we're back with a fox news alert.
1:34 pm
while many in cairo are celebrating, others in egypt and elsewhere in the middle east are gripped with uncertainty. admiral mike mullen is headed to jordan and israel, who are uneasy in the wake of egypt's uprising. greg burke is live with more on this, hi, greg. >> reporter: uma, that's right. israel really has a lot at stake here, watching things very closely because quite frankly, israel is losing a friend in hosni mubarak. prime minister netanyahu saying a short time ago israel welcomes the egyptian military statement it will honor the peace treaty with israel and netanyahu met a couple of weeks ago with mubarak and israel over the years had appreciated mubarak's ability to keep the peace. it may have been a cold peace, but it was peace and vitally important for israel security and really risks more than anyone else if things were to change radically in egypt. things looked relatively good
1:35 pm
in the short-term right now, but that could change over time of course, without such a stable figure like mubarak next door. now, if you look at the long border the two countries share, you see why the peace treaty is so important to israel which would have to rethink its entire military strategy if things change radically and gaza plays in the relations with egypt since there's a border there as well between gaza and egypt and israel has been relatively happy with the mubarak regime in order to keep weapons from being struggled into hamas and gaza and these are not calm days, not only does it have to worry about egypt. it has another neighbor, lebanon, where hezbollah took more power and hezbollah being of course, a sworn enemy of israel, uma. >> greg burke, thank you for that from jerusalem. >> meantime, the deputy leader of the muslim brotherhood says the group will not have a candidate for president in the egyptian election and it will
1:36 pm
not participate in any transitional government. egyptian military is now running the country and says it will announce the nation's next steps. so what does the immediate future hold for egypt? how will this move impact the rest of the region? as u.s. relations with egypt. i'm joined by kt mcfarland. it's good to see you and to talk to you. you know, these are, well, they're disconcerting days for some who are concerned and looking at egypt with some trepidation, it's a jubilant final for those who love to see freedom in any turn and this revolution is televised. while it's televised, what's the dramatic back drop we're looking at. what kind of move will egypt have to make going forward? >> i think the way you want to look at this, is every revolution is like a three act play. act number one, ought krattic dictator swept from the scene
1:37 pm
and number two, when the reform,try to set up a government. that's where we're at is act two. what you want to prevent is act three, when the reformer government fails and then the radical extremists who are better organized and more ruthless come in and take their place. so the two examples that we've had before us, the scenes we've seen in egypt. i've seen those scenes twice before, one when the shah fell in 1978 in iran, and the reformers, came in, tried to set up a government, it was unsuccessful, president carter did not give assistance they needed and that government fell because the ayatollahs came in and put in an islamic jihadist government, what we see today. and the other example when my boss, president reagan saw the berlin wall come down, he rushed in to help all of those countries, poland the czech republic, yugoslavia, east germany, helped them set up the states that they needed for free and fair elections and a lot of economic
1:38 pm
assistance. kelly, the critical thing now is this administration and the united states needs to go in and give egypt everything they need. they don't have a political tradition as to elections and haven't had one for over 5,000 years and we need to help them with it or they're going to go the way of iran. we want to make sure they go the way of eastern europe not iran. >> kelly: as you know, we've gave the egyptian military billions of dollars, but are you now stating we should go forward and not just give the military its billion plus dollars from the united states in aid, but also, perhaps another billion or more, i don't know how to put a number on it, but more money and to help a political structure there as well as the economic structure there, which has to get back to a suitable position that people can gain employment? >> yeah, we've been giving about a billion-5 a year, a great majority of of that 1.3 billion of military assistance. what we need now to focus on,
1:39 pm
in addition to that military assistance we want the good relationship with the u.s. military the and egyptian military. we want that to continue, but what we need to do is help them establish the institutions you need for elections. you know, elections is not a democracy make. we've seen what happens in the election in gaza, for example, where they didn't have the position of political parties, free and open press, an independent judiciary, didn't have any of those things, what did they get at the polls? well, they got hamas, a terrorist organization. egypt is scheduled to go to the polls in september. right now, they don't have anything they need to have-- they don't have candidates. this has been a grass roots movement and there's no charismatic leader that's emerged. they've never had ewilkeses that didn't volume stuffed ballot boxes, they don't have a free press, don't have right of association and free assembly. they need all of those things if they're going to have a shot at a democratic government. in addition, they need
1:40 pm
economic assistance. as everybody pointed out. mubarak may have gotten away with billions, but the average egyptian, $2 a day. >> kelly: you've laid it owl well and thank you for your perspective, particularly in terms of what the united states apparently should and must be looking for with egypt. thank you, kt mcfarland. it may seem early, but potential 2012 candidates are already jockeying for position. who is leading the pack? we ask our political panel. that's coming up next.
1:41 pm
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you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. >> welcome back. as you know, we've been focusing on egypt the past days, back at home high profile conservatives and 2012 presidential hopefuls have gathered here in washington this week at cpac. >> is anyone emerging as a presidential front runner within the g.o.p.? joining us now our own political panel, republican strategi strategist, and ladies, great to have you here, let me begin with you first, out of the pack that you see, today, we see the people jockeying for for example and wanting to gain a foot hold and hopping to have a spotlight in the limited crowd. you know, a few months from now, some of these people are
1:45 pm
going to be after thoughts. how do you view the sweepstakes at this point and why should we be paying attention to what's going on at this moment and at this time? >> a lot of jockeying, no one has announced. i think what you've seen, the strongest speeches in my mind have been governor romney, governor pawlenty, gingrich, i think the wild card for me is haley barber running and first to say that he doesn't know himself yet and we won't know that until april. >> let me talk about that, because haley barber, talking basically said that he wants america and saying quoting him here the main thing, keeping the main thing the main thing and what he did with that, he went on to say that the main thing, keeping the main thing is to make sure that the president of the united states is republican in 2012. as a democratic strategist what do you say about that? >> i'm not too sure i'm ready for that for sure. 2012 is going to be an interesting year, obviously, 2010 not the great he is for
1:46 pm
the democrats and everyone knows that and no one is debating that, but six months is a long time in politics not to mention two years. and we've got a long way to go in this election and what i found interesting, a moment ago you were running poll results showing that now, the president is actually 49-41 to the closest republican, mitt romney, whereas even just months ago it was far closer, that may be because of egypt, may be because of a lot of things. in six months it might be a very different show, so it's going to be interesting to see what happens right now, i'll tell you, most democrats are not seeing a republican emerge that they're truly, truly scared of, not yet. we talk about the time we have. we have the issues over health care, for example, and the lawsuits that are underway for the court. because they say they just can't afford to take it on. and we also have the high unemployment that continues at this time. so much is going to depend on how this president reacts to the crisis about jobs, and unemployment, and also, how
1:47 pm
the g.o.p. is going to seize the moment and offer an alternative. because i think that's what people are really looking for, you can always criticize, but how about offering something up in its place. >> let's go back to the unemployment rate 9%, and economists saying maybe by 2012, 8.6 and giving a conservative estimate. that's not a magic number and the president right now has definitely changed his presentation the last two weeks and changed anywhere he's speaking, but we haven't seen this change the substantial. i think that's the issue and as the republican nominee, hover that is, is going to make it very clear that they have it, they have a strategy and a plan for jobs unemployment. the economy. >> you mentioned change of substance and we're definitely going to see an argument. changing the public substance this week when the president unveils his budget on monday and that the republicans have their own budget. liz, from your standpoint, what do you think the democrats need to do when they look at this budget that the president's going to offer, as well as the budget that the
1:48 pm
republicans are offering? >> it's going to be really fascinating because the republican ron on and were successful in binge-- the moment they hit the ground running in 2011 and to their credit they're keeping their promise, but when you look at the line items what they are he a cutting, it's pretty big cuts, a billion dollars from the environmental protection agency, not a million, a billion dollars. that's a lot of money from one single agency. but if you want to get to 100 billion you're going to make some tough cuts. i think what the president is going to have to do, okay, i'm not going to do a billion dollars from the epa, but i will do 100 million from here, 200 million from year, a lot of back and forth and frankly a lot will be boring, but at the end of the day there has to be a compromise. and first of all, there has to be a budget and second of all can't look at huge cuts from some agencies and no cuts from other agencies. far more across the board. >> and i think bottom line, it's going to have to be results oriented and what the
1:49 pm
democrats can produce and what the republicans-- >> and that's what the americans want, they want to see the government operating, republicans and democrats. >> absolutely. >> coming to some sort of bipartisan agreement on the common good for the people of america. >> that's what the voters want, absolutely. it's just going to be really tough to deliver. i think we both agree. >> kelly: agreement. all right. >> uma: trerrificterrific. thanks for joining us. will they get a fair shake from the media covering this, liz trotta will weigh in next. [ male announcer ] for fastidious librarian emily skinner, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living but you see, with the help
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of her raymond james financiaadvisor, she had planned f every eventuality. which meant she continued to have the means to live on... even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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>> welcome back, everybody. we'll have republicans, wrapping up the efforts to cut federal funding for abortions, holding hearings on capitol hill this week and as the
1:53 pm
party is also calling to defund planned parenthood. and fox news contributor liz trotta joins us now with her thoughts on all of this. hi, liz. >> good morning. and let me just say that against the back drop of what's happening in washington, it's a rather staggering case regarding abortion in new york. the vital statistics released by the city just last week, showed that the abortion rate in new york city is 41%. that is to say that two out of every babies are aborted-- or i should say, should we say fetuses, i say babies, are aborted. this caught the attention of a man named state senator ruben diaz, sr. and he is from the bronx, he is a moral conservative and he said, wait a minute, at a news conference, that he gave with the archbishop of new york, this is really genocide. you are-- because the figures show that they're overwhelming ly black
1:54 pm
and hispanic babies being killed and he he says the new york times thursday published an article mocking me and my concerns about these barbaric statistics. it's laughable to even consider that the author's opinions were objective. while covering the supreme court for the new york times, linda greenhouse proudly marched for abortion rights. it's hard to imagine how anyone would consider me or any pro lifer nutty for stating what these statistics show. abortion in new york city is racial genocide. the linda greenhouse he he refers to is a woman, now retired, semi retired from the times, but basically retired from her covering the supreme court where she has held forth her liberal agenda all those years. so, here we have, again, her hitting back, saying it's not genocide. this is for--
1:55 pm
this is a public health matter. well, for senator ruben diaz it isn't a public health matter, it's a matter of morality and conscience. >> uma: where does it go from here, liz, real quickly? >> i think the battle may continue because greenhouse is on her high horse and she's invoking everybody to-- and even has resorted to calling senator diaz, implying that he's a racist, which is kind of nutty, also very nutty. so, but you know, the idea that abortion has been used for birth control among minorities is a thought that has been fought in neighborhoods all over this country for years, he so, that's nothing new and it may come as a surprise to white people, but this is what a lot of black people believe. >> uma: well, it's very interesting. very provocativement all right, liz trotta, thank you very much for your commentary
1:56 pm
on this. earlier we asked you what you think ever the current state of egypt. >> kelly: yes, we do. and we'll have some of your responses. that's coming up next. witthe venture card from capital one,
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>> before we go, we want to show you e-mails you've been responding about egypt and we want to bring those on the screen right now. there's one. revolution in egypt will not bring freedom to the people. it only has paved the way for the muslim brotherhood to take over. >> uma: and our other e-mails say my o


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